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We offer highly personalised training for all the above backed by a fully functional workshop with high safety standards. 

We offer our students first hand experience in various media such as Drawing and Painitng, Woodworking, Ceramics, Audio Visual Media, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Photography, Art History, Print Making, Product Design, Book Illustration, Scale Model Making, Textile and Fashion.


With more than nine years of experience in IB Visual Arts we offer an in-depth support for students who have taken the subject. With a strong background in Art history and Aesthetics we support students in all the three aspects of IB Visual Arts namely Comparative study, Process portfolio and Exhibition. For students who take Higher Level of IB Visual Arts we support them, if they choose to, to do their Extended Essay in Visual arts by facilitating their Primary research with field trips and interviews and Secondary research with in-depth comparative analysis. 

For students who intend to, along with IB Art, apply for Art and Design colleges, we help them achieve both the goals with one single body of work by smart working. 

Genius Nestlings has an excellent past record of success with students on all the above-mentioned fronts. 


Starting early always helps. We offer a complete solution for Cambridge Art & Design starting from class nine, IGCSE to AS & A Levels. With more than thirteen years of experience in the curriculum we have always produced excellent results with our students. Our founder, Mr Nitin Agrawal has been a consultant for Cambridge Art & Design section in schools starting the said section from scratch and also training teachers in the process. He has also been a complete school Art & Design curriculum planner to prepare the foundation that empowers the students to take up the subject at board level. 

Introducing the students with a variety of media, making the right art historical connections and empowering students to express their original self has resulted in our CAIE portfolios to become a powerful journey that also helped our students in securing college admissions with the same body of work. 


Art and Design Mentorship Program (ADMP) is a flagship program offered at Genius Nestlings. Starting as early as class eight we not only help students crack college admission but also prepare their experience-based foundation that helps them make the most of their Art & Design career at large. We move their temperament from acceptance to questioning everything as a created reality. We empower them to integrate their learning and apply it to Art and design. We help our students understand design optimisation for various purposes. We also introduce them to the history of Art & Design making them aware of its effect on the society at large. Through this understanding we work very hard on making them realise the ethics of Art & Design and prepare their vision for a society positively impacted by their contribution. 

Through our education partners we introduce our Portfolio students to various media. We do not shy away from learning if our student demands a media that in not there in our kitty right now. We introduce our students to a lot of real-life practitioners who give them the feel of the life they will have as creative professionals. 

Every student mentored at Genius Nestlings in the past has secured their dream admission. Most of our student have either secured a scholarship for their excellent portfolio or were offered placements in the most specialised courses. 

We do not help them crack admissions; we help them become creative minds. Their admissions are just a by-product of they being that. 


We help students who have taken Art at ICSE and ISC level. We work very hard to give an interesting twist to the syllabus and help students produce meaningful Art. We help the students approach the syllabus in such a way that what they produce as a part of their board submissions also becomes a rich part of their portfolio. 

Over years we have a track record of producing exceptional results at both the levels. 


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